Date: November 27, 2011
Title: The Return of Christ (Pt 1 - Prophecies of His Return)
Speaker: Bob Corbin

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The timing of this series and specifically to come to this aspect of the series, the Return of Christ, has coincided beautifully with our Advent remembrance. Truly, the remembrance of the 1st Coming of Christ is a reminder that He is coming again! Hence, as we consider the various aspects of the 2nd Coming of Christ, we will apply them to His 1st Advent. There were many prophecies given regarding the coming of the Messiah. Earlier in this series, we considered many of the prophecies and types regarding His coming. The statistical probability that any one person would be able to fulfill the various specific prophecies is phenomenal! However, just as Christ fulfilled each of those specific prophecies, so He will fulfill those regarding His 2nd coming!

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