Date: October 30, 2011
Title: The Life of Christ (Pt 12 - His Crucifixion
Speaker: Bob Corbin

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People, unlike plants which are one part (body) and animals which are two part (body and soul), are comprised of a body, a soul and a spirit. As such, we face trials, tribulations, temptations and troublesome situations in each phase. We have physical struggles, emotional struggles and spiritual struggles. When Christ became incarnate, He shared in each of these areas of struggles. We are told in the book of Hebrews that He was tempted in every way such as we are, yet without sin. The greek word for tempted is peirazo which refers to a troublesome situation and is translated as temptation or trial, depending upon the context. As Christ went from His Arrest to His Crucifixion, the war against Him intensified. Satan knew that his only hope at this point was to get Jesus to sin; in order that Christ could no longer be the perfect sin sacrifice and propitiation for our sins. Hence, Jesus began to be assaulted with struggles in each area of our human existence. He faced physical struggles being scourged and crucified. He faced emotional struggles being reviled, mocked and scorned by those who were His creation. He faced spiritual struggles as He, who in the eternal Godhead was holy, became sin and was thereby separated from the Father for one eternal moment! Through each of the struggles Christ conquered! In Christ, we can conquer those troublesome situations that beset us as well!

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