Date: January 23, 2011
Title: The Shadow of Christ (Pt 4 - Seeing Christ as the Seed of Abraham)
Speaker: Bob Corbin

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The manifestation of Christ at His incarnation was the revealing of a mystery that God had given indicators regarding throughout recorded history in the Scriptures. One of those indicators was the declaration of God to Abraham that He would make him the father of many nations and that in him, and his seed, all of the nations of the world would be blessed. We are told in Galatians 3 that Christ is the Seed of Abraham. Then, those who follow the example of Abraham and trust God by faith are considered the seed of Abraham as well. As Abraham, those who by faith trust Christ as their Savior are to be a blessing to those about them. God called Abraham to leave his home, family and religious heritage to follow Him and serve Him. That same challenge is given to each person who would be the disciples of Jesus Christ. Are you willing to leave everything to follow Jesus?

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